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Monday, April 15th, 2013 POSTED BY:

Dear Timothy


Hidden toward the end of the new testament of God’s Word we find two letters that were written from an older Apostle of Jesus to a younger man, a son in the Lord and fellow disciple of Christ. The older man is the Apostle Paul. He’s finished most of his writing of scripture, his ministry throughout the Roman empire is winding down and he’s nearing the end of his life. Timothy is the young disciple, receiving these letters from his pastor, mentor, and friend. Throughout the 10 chapters of these two letters, one message is clear: when the battle wages strong, those who belong to Jesus keep going in the pursuit of Jesus and holiness. When God gives true faith and repentance, He gives endurance and perseverance to finish well. Paul is writing to Timothy at the end of his life to say: “Jesus is worth it, keep going!” Having stepped on many land mines along the road of life, Paul’s desire isn’t to settle in a retirement home but to share his wisdom with a younger brother so he can stand strong by God’s grace and bring greater glory to Jesus.

On April 26th, men from all three Frontline congregations will gather at the South Oklahoma City location with the goal of Paul’s letter to Timothy in mind: to encourage one another to trust Jesus more and to live in the power of the Gospel. Come join us and invite friends out for an evening that will include a time of worship, teaching, and prayer!


About the Author -

Sean Evans is the lead congregation pastor for South Oklahoma City. His desire is to see the unchurched and de-churched in Oklahoma City awaken to the Gospel of Jesus with fresh eyes and new understanding of what it means for life here and now. Sean and his wife Jacqui share a home in Moore with their 5 children and printmaking studio.

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